Havers Design

Stand Out of the Media Crowd...

Some say print is dead, we say print is an opportunity... if chosen correctly.


Advertise with Impact

A well designed ad campaign helps you stand out amid the noise of mass media that is all around us; in print, on billboards, web banners, tv, radio, etc. Professionally designed ads give you a distinct visual impact as well as communicating your message clearer and more concisely. 

We can assist you in designing and coordinating your advertising strategy for maximum effect. This branded campaign can carry through print advertising (newspapers and magazines), your website, on FaceBook, billboards, site signage and more. 

Deliver a Motivating Benefit

Any ad worth its salt should motivate readers to take some kind of action, whether it's a phone call, checking out your website or (gasp) walking into your place of business. If you highlight a strong benefit in your headline and include details in your body copy, your prospects will be excited to learn how to take advantage of what's promised. It's essential to close by providing a call to action that takes prospects to the next step, whether that means making a purchase or visiting your website to learn more. Great ads build interest, are remembered and get results.


Enough about us, here's what our clients have to say.

Ole’s Hakai Pass has had our marketing needs met by Havers Design since 1996. You can imagine how things have changed over the years, and working with Neil has kept our marketing material fresh and always attention grabbing in the evermore competitive and changing marketplace. At the end of the day we rely on what we put in our prospects hands to represent us and capture the excitement and appetite for our product. Neil has delivered every time, he's easy to work with and not only that, a great guy!

- Ernie Dailey, Ole's Hakai Pass, Campbell River, BC